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Twin-Jet Electropolisher TJEP-200

Twin-Jet Electropolisher TJEP-200



The TJEP-200 is a robust, compact, economical, and easy to use automatic twin-jet electropolisher. It is used to thin specimens for transmission electron microscopy electrolytically. Thinning cell and electrolyte tank of the system are machined from solid PVC to provide maximum resistance to corrosive electrolytes. Upgraded from TJEP-100, the TJEP-200 is significantly more powerful providing safe and accurate operation for thinning samples. 


  • Wide range of polishing voltage and polishing current enables fast TEM sample preparation and cost saving
  • Adjustable polishing voltage, pump flow rate, and termination sensitivity of photo-cell sensor
  • Pressured liquid nitrogen supply system, cools the electrolyte quickly
  • The photo cell detector is sealed inside the jet tube, easy to alignment, no fracture during operation, and shield from outside light
  • Strong signal can be detected upon , provide fast and accurate
  • Specially designed sample holder suitable for both Φ3mm round samples and 3x5mm rectangular samples
  • The clamping force prevents from fracture and deformation of the thinned samples
  • Modulated controller design, easy for maintenance and repair

Technical Specifications

twin jet electroplisher

Additional Notes

  1. This product carries a one year standard warranty
  2. Seller from Canada, on-site services available 
  3. Free shipping for US and Canada 

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