Tools for Micro and Nano Research
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About Us

Micromolding Solutions Operates in the name of MicroNano Tools for marketing its laboratory equipment, which is widely used in both academic research and industrial developments involving micro and nano technology. Our goal is to provide more reliable and affordable equipment and make laboratories operate more effectively and efficiently.

MicroNano Tools' equipment covers wide research fields: micro/nano powder, nano fiber, thin films, micro/nano fluidics, micro plastic processing equipment and battery research facilities. Top sellers include Planetary ball mill PBM-04, KW-4A spin coater, illipsometer, plasma sputtering coater MNT-JS1600, programmable Modular Syringe Pump SPM-100, micro twin-screw extruder, and micro injection molding machine.

Based on our strong technical background, MNT offers customization services for most of its listed products in order to take consideration of your special interests.

We will be glad to work as your extended team to integrate our knowledge and experiences into your research, development, and manufacturing activities.