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Quality Policy

Micro Nano Tools (MNT) is committed to providing products and services of the highest possible standards, to satisfy our customer needs, expectations of quality, safety, reliability and service. The company mission is to successfully deliver to customers high quality, cost effective products and services on time, every time. MNT provides full refund guarantee for all its products and services. The client will get full refund if the product or service is out of spec.

University clients from US and Canada are entitled to payment term of net 30 days automatically. No worry, No stress, No Risk. 

The policy embraces the following key principles: The satisfaction of customers, shall be the primary focus of the quality management activities; Suppliers are integral to the quality process and company staff shall work closely with them to meet customer’s needs; Staff shall be encouraged and empowered to participate in quality improvement activities through teamwork and focused task groups; All staff shall have individual responsibility for understanding and applying this Quality policy in the performance of their tasks.

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer support. We will do our utmost to provide a timely response to any questions and concerns.