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A Set of 4X100ml Grinding Jars and Balls combo

A Set of 4X100ml Grinding Jars and Balls combo


Please select the right combo by clicking on options of Grinding Jars and Grinding Balls respectively. Each grinding jar and ball combo includes 4 grinding jars with lids, rubber sealing gaskets, and your desired size of grinding balls. Shipping is free when ordered together with a planetary ball mill. Additional fee may be charged when ordering the grinding jars and balls separately. 

For grinding in vacuum or inert gas environment, SS vacuum jacket will be required for all kinds of grinding jars except for vacuum jars made from Stainless Steel. For ordering SS vacuum jacket, please click here.

4x100ml grinding jars for planetary ball mill

 Material Properties of Zirconia Jars and balls (TZP)

technical specification of zirconia grinding jars

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Select the Right Grinding Jars and Balls?
   Selection of the materials of the grinding jars and balls mainly depends on the sample materials. Rule of thumb, the material of jars and/or balls must be harder than the sample material. Otherwise, it is actually the jars and balls which will be ground by the samples in the grinding process. As a result, the material of the jars and balls will become contamination in your sample materials.

    In order to make the grinding process more efficient and obtain samples with less contamination, there are many other factors to be considered, such as density of the materials of the grinding jars and balls, energy input, rotation speed, brittleness of the sample material, and temperature in the jar during grinding et al. Please refer to the following table may help you in understanding the process in more detail. For any other questions or concerns in your specific grinding process, Please contact us to discuss in more details. Please click here for a wide variety of grinding jars and balls available in stock.

Reference table on how to select grinding jar and ball for ball mill

2. Tips for grinding polymeric materials with a planetary ball mill

There are a few tricks for grinding polymeric materials using a planetary ball mill because of heat generated and accumulated during ball milling process.
1. The material temperature may need to be cooled below Tg with liquid nitrogen or dry ice to let the material be brittle;
2. The material may need to be ground with liquid nitrogen or dry ice or other liquids in wet grinding;
3. Slower rotation speed and shorter milling time in order to avoid change of morphology of the material.

3. I would like to know if the grinding jars can be installed on our planetary ball mill?

The grinding jars are designed and made for using with PBM-04 planetary ball mill. Please contact us for details. 

Notes for shipping 

Free shipping to US and Canada, duty, and custom clearance included in the price when applicable. 


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