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Vacuum Glovebox - Five-year Warranty

Vacuum Glovebox - Five-year Warranty

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General Introduction

The vacuum glovebox (MNT-VG) is designed to provide an affordable and reliable solution for generating and maintaining inert gas atmosphere. The MNT-VG is not equipped with the purification device for removing oxygen and water. The glovebox is vacuumed first and then purged with inert gas, such as high purity Argon and Nitrogen. It features quick gas purge, less gas usage, more economic, convenient, and reliable. Because lack of the purification device, it is mainly used for those applications requiring less restrictive level of oxygen and water.


  • Quick gas purging
  • Economic and reliable
  • Wide applications for experiments with less restrict requirements on water and oxygen

Standard Configurations

 standard configurations of vacuum glovebox micronano tools

Vacuum Glovebox (MNT-VG) Models

available models of vacuum gloveglox micronano tools


Technical specifications

Technical specifications of vacuum gloveglox micronano tools


  • Five years standard warranty with life-time support for the whole inert gas purification glovebox system. Outsourced accessories are under one year standard warranty. 

  • Damage due to improper storage condition or maintenance is not covered by warranty

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