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NanoFiber Electrospinning Machine – NFES-100 - On Promotion

NanoFiber Electrospinning Machine – NFES-100 - On Promotion



NFES-100 is a bench-top Laboratory electrospinning system for producing Nanofiber membrane with diameters of nanofiber from 20-1000 nm. The ultra-fine fibers are produced by forming and collecting electric-field-induced jets from one or multi polymer solutions, the material sources for nanofiber production. More than one hundred kinds of polymer solutions available on the market for Electrospinning. The Electrospinning system has been widely used in the fields of material development, energy, biomedical, and photonics.


-  Compact and high precision machine for producing fibers in nano scale;

-  PLC control for automatic mode, manual mode, and positioning mode, easy to operate and precise control

-  Specially designed syringe pump supplying solutions continuously with adjustable flow rate, suitable for use with different types of solutions;

-  High positive voltage power supply for long time operation, electric field continuously adjustable between 0 and 40kV;

-  High negative voltage power supply for long time operation, electric field continuously adjustable between 0 and -10kV;

-  Various collectors, mandrel, metal plate, Squirrel-cage, ultra-fine tube, round disc, high speed rotation orientation, negative pressure orientation, and double motor drive; customizable

-  Modulated design, suitable for be customized for various applications.

-  The Cabinet is equipped with a temperature control unit, a humidity control unit, and an exhaust duct, customizable to clients’ needs

-  All devices and components are arc proof

-  Most electrical components carry UL/CSA certificates

Technical Specifications

NanoFilber Electrospinning NFES-100-Technical specification of machine cabinet

 NanoFiber Electrospinning – NFES-100

 Automatic mode 1 of electrospinningNanoFiber Electrospinning – NFES-100

  Syringe pumps platform and mandrel of electrospinning NanoFiber Electrospinning – NFES-100-ssp

NanoFiber Electrospinning


Recent Clients

National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, National Laboratories of USA, and University of Munich

Additional Notes

1. Lead time: 8 weeks
2. Seller from Canada,  onsite services available
3. Free shipping for US and Canada, duty, and custom clearance included in the price when applicable
4. Accept custom OEM if there are any special requirements for your application 5. All university clients from US and Canada are entitled to payment term of net 30 days automatically. No worry, No stress, No Risk.
6. All units of the system are customizable and can be purchased separately. Ask for details. 

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