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Mini Portable Planetary Ball Mill with Touch Screen PBM-04M/29 Kg Only, Capable of 4x100ml milling

Mini Portable Planetary Ball Mill with Touch Screen PBM-04M/29 Kg Only, Capable of 4x100ml milling


General Introduction

PBM-04M ball mill is a mini and easy-to-use laboratory planetary ball mill with touch screen for fine grinding, mixing, homogenizing, mechanical alloying, cell disruption, small sample preparing, new product development and small volume high-tech material production. The PBM-04M planetary ball mill features with small volume, high efficiency, quick clamp, and quiet operation. The system can be used to mill various materials down to 0.1µm. It can also be used to smash and blend various products of different materials and granularity with dry or wet methods. The PBM-04M is widely applied in the fields of Geology, Mining, Metallurgy, Electronics, Construction Material, Ceramics, Chemical Engineering, Light Industry Medicine, Environmental Protection etc.

Technical Specification

Planetary ball mill PBM-04M


- Touch screen enabling flexible and precise process control
- Mini size easy for carrying around with capability of 4x100ml milling volume
- High range of rotational speed up to 870rpm, high efficiency and fine granularity
- Ideal for wet or dry grinding application
- Capable of vacuum and inert gas grinding environment when using with vacuum jacket
- Rotate in both clockwise and counter clockwise direction, Programmable interval and pause times
- High milling uniformity and excellent repeatability
- Four samples with different sizes and materials can be milled in one experiment
- Leak-proof jars for wet grinding
- Large range of materials available for grinding media
- Integrated Gear and belt driving mechanism offer robust milling process
- Safety switch ensures automatic shut down if cover is opened during operation


- Geology and Mineralogy: rock, gravel, sand, and minerals
- Ceramics: porcelain, sintered ceramics, clay, and fireclay
- Chemistry: pesticides, fertilizers, salts, inorganic and organic materials
- Biology: plants, leaves, freeze-dried samples
- Pharmaceuticals: ophthalmological agents, gels, creams, extracts, drugs, pastes, dragee, tablets
- Metallurgy: ores, sintering
- Material technology: pigments, precious materials, new materials, alloys, mechanical alloying and activating
- Analysis preparation: Spectroscopy, X-ray fluorescence, X-ray structure analysis, chromatography

Working Principle


Included in Package

The Mini portable planetary ball mill is a turn-key solution including the Mini Portable 4x100ml planetary ball mill, 4 jar fastening devices,  a spare belt, one operation manual, and a power cable. Ground jars including balls need to be ordered separately. 


- One years standard warranty with life-time support
- Damage due to improper storage condition or maintenance is not covered by warranty
- Extended warranty available upon request

Additional Notes

- When item is in stock, it will be shipped in 3-5 business days; if not in stock, lead time is about 2-3 weeks
- Accept custom OEM if there are any special requirements for your application

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