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Quartz Ampoule/Tube Vacuum Sealer – with Rotating Flange QAVS-100

Quartz Ampoule/Tube Vacuum Sealer – with Rotating Flange QAVS-100



The Quartz Ampoule/Tube Vacuum Sealer QAVS-100 is designed to seal material samples inside quartz ampoule tube using oxyhydrogen gas or other flammable gases. The QAVS-100 is widely used for preparing thermoelectric materials and growing two dimension crystals which must be done in a high vacuum atmosphere.


--   Unique vacuum diverter valve enables precisely controlled vacuuming rate, by which sucking of material powders into vacuum pump can be avoided and service life of vacuum pump or molecular pump is increased significantly;
--   Specially designed seal flange allowing adjustable rotation speed;
--   Rotatable sealer up to 90 degrees for flexible operation;
--   Unique torch holder design allows flexible angles between torch and quartz ampoules; 
--   Suitable for vacuum sealing of ampoules of various diameters when using customized vacuum fittings;
--   Unique magnetic liquid rotating sealing technology, allows for high vacuum while being heated;  
--   Double anti-backfire technology, anti-backfire valve and separating hydrogen and oxygen, secure operation safety;
--   Specially designed vacuum tube fitting working perfectly together with quartz tube and sealing ring realizes tight fitting and improves sealing quality and allows for high vacuum sealing;
--   Equipped with Inert gas inlet and outlet, enabling filling of inert gas into the ampoule;
--   A set of quartz cutter is included in the package.

Technical Specifications

 quartz tube vacuum sealer


- One year standard warranty for both parts and services with life-time support

Additional Notes

- All university clients from US and Canada are entitled to payment term of net 30 days automatically. No worry, No stress, No Risk.
- Seller from Canada, on site local services available for heavy equipment upon request
- Free shipping for US and Canada, duty, and custom clearance all included in the price when applicable
- Accept custom OEM if there are any special requirements for your application

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