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Muffle Furnace with Lifting Platform MFL1400

Muffle Furnace with Lifting Platform MFL1400

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The muffle furnace MFL1400 features a lifting platform, which enables loading and unloading materials on the platform without being affected by heat radiation from furnace chamber. The platform is supported by four guide posts, enabling smooth up and down movement and tight seal of the furnace chamber. The furnace can be used for powder sintering, ceramic sintering, glass melting and sintering, high temperature testing, and quality inspection for both academic research and industrial production.


1. Handling materials on lifting platform instead of inside furnace chamber with crucible tongs, reduced radiation heat significantly and increased handling safety.
2. Platform supported by four guide posts, enabling smooth up and down movement and tight seal of the furnace chamber. Platform stops automatically at its upper and lower limit points.
3. Door located at the bottom of the furnace chamber, the lowest temperature region, improving sealing tightness and extending lift terms of seals.
4. Chamber made from high purity alumina ceramic fiber, small heating capacity saving energy, and no powder dropping off in high temperature.
5. Precise temperature control using Shimaden FP93 digital controller, 40 segments and 6 PIDs, controlling low, middle, and high temperature precisely;
6. SiC heating elements of long service life, arranged according to thermal engineering to produce optimized uniform heating field.
7. Equipped with soft starter allowing current to be limited, low impact to heating elements.
8. Most of its electrical components are UL/CSA certified including UL certified electric circuit board. System is UL, CSA, and CE ready.
9. Automatic power shut-off with door open, thermocouple is broken, and high temperature limit is reached.
10. Over-current protection switch and current leakage protection device.
11. Software included realizing communicate between furnace & computer, controlling furnace process, monitor PV and SV temperature and instrument operation, draw record and save TEMP variation in real-time.

Technical Specifications

 muffle furnace with lifting platform

Machine Elements

machine elements of muffle furnace with lifting platform



- One year standard warranty for both parts and services with life-time support

Additional Notes

- All university clients from US and Canada are entitled to payment term of net 30 days automatically. No worry, No stress, No Risk.
- Seller from Canada, on site local services available for heavy equipment upon request
- Free shipping for US and Canada, duty, and custom clearance all included in the price when applicable
- Accept custom OEM if there are any special requirements for your application

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