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Electrically Controlled Platform NFECP-100

Electrically Controlled Platform NFECP-100



The electrically controlled platform NFECP-100 is used to carry the syringe pump NFSP-100 or similar device to realize their back and forth movement in one dimension, enabling forming of nanofiber film in a big area. Linear bearing together with linear support-rail shafts (comparing with simple linear motion shaft) maximize its loading capability while minimize any possible deflection during the movement. The NFECP-100 is equipped with an independent controller.


• Easy human-machine interface on controller for operating directly, no need to connect to a computer
• 3.7 inch LED display • Dedicated driver and programmable controller
• High-quality ball screw drive, ensures high repeatability and long life
• Elastic coupling is used to connect the stepper motor, ensures synchronized transmission and low noise
• Zero and limit sensor installed at two ends of rail, ensures safety and precise positioning of the syringe pumps
• Both manual and automatic control mode available without need to connect to computer

Technical Specifications

Platform for nanofiber electrospinning

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