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MicroNano Tools  Atomic Force Microscope  MNT-AFM-1000

MicroNano Tools Atomic Force Microscope MNT-AFM-1000


General Introduction

The MNT-AFM-1000 is an atomic force microscope, using a scanning probe for various modes of monochromatic imaging. Resolution of the system can reach as small as 0.03 nm, which far surpasses the limitations of an optical microscopes by approximately 1000X. The scanning process uses three-dimensional movement up to 20μm in lateral direction, and 2.5 μm vertically. The probe can be used for both contact and tapping modes, depending on the nature of the sample. Contact mode provides a force-measurement of the sample surface, resulting in high resolutions, but biased by friction and adhesion. Tapping modes avoid friction and adhesion through intermittent-contact. The MNT-AFM-1000 has been widely applied in the fields of solid state physics, semiconductor science and technology, molecular engineering, polymer chemistry and physics, surface chemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, and medicine, material characterization, optoelectronics, and optical glasses. Along with topography, the probe can measure magnetic and electrostatic forces. 


--  Integrated laser sensor and sample scanning platform, reliable;
--  Precision laser and probe positioning device, easy to change probe and adjust optical mark;
-- Single axis drive, sample approach the probe automatically in vertical direction, precisely position the scanning area, enable vertical scanning;
-- Intelligent probe forwarding mode enabled by automatic censoring of motor controlled piezoelectric ceramic, protect probe and sample;
-- 4x objective optical, not necessary to focus, real time observing and positioning probe on the scanning area of the sample;
-- Spring suspension anti-vibration mode, simple and effective;
-- Metal shielding box, mounted with high precision temperature and humidity sensor, real time monitoring working environment of the AFM;
-- Integrated scanning hardware non-linear correction.


Technical specifications of AFM

Typical applications

Gold-coated silicon wafer

Measurement of coating thickness


 AFM image of optical glass coating




Additional Notes

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  4. Accept custom OEM if there are any special requirements for your application
  5. All university clients from US and Canada are entitled to payment term of net 30 days automatically. No worry, No stress, No Risk. 

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