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Manual Benchtop Injection Molding Machine MIM-100, inclu. a standard mold and Free Shipping

Manual Benchtop Injection Molding Machine MIM-100, inclu. a standard mold and Free Shipping


General Introduction

The MIM-100 is a small and hand-operated bench-top plastic injection molding machine. It is an ideal tool for plastic prototyping, small to medium volume production, and for scientific research and materials testing. The system features compact size and robust design. Its frame is made from cast aluminum alloy, precise and strong. The material heating system is equipped with a Omron heater controller and a copper heating coil. Well designed handle with extension allows easier operation. A standard mold, circle or square, is included in the price package. The mold can be customized made according to your design. Please contact us for feasibility of your product. Additional fee may be charged depending on the geometry and precision of your design. The bar linkage mechanism has been upgraded. Please find details in sections of "Additional Notes".

The product was a demo of the hand-operated bench-top plastic injection molding machine and is the last one of its batch. 300 USD has been applied as discount. The product has been discontinued and will be replaced by electric desktop injection molding machine. The electric desktop injection molding machine is designed for 24/7 continuous manufacturing. 


  • Compact size and robust design
  • Cast aluminum alloy frame very solid
  • Reliable heating system
  • Well designed handle for easy operation
  • Suitable for prototyping, small to medium volume production, and material research


Operation Suggestions

  1. When set temperate is reached, pull down handle, and inject a few times without installing mold; check material politicization status. The ideal melting state is presented with smooth surface, homogeneous melt, no burrs formation and no melt drops. A proper set temperature is one of the key factors in obtaining high molding quality.
  2. When plasticisation becomes normal, install the mold in right position and clamp it with screw wheel. Pull down the manual handle until a solid resistance is felt. Hold the handle for a few seconds. The holding time may depend on part geometry, size, plastic material, and mold temperature. The idea is to pack more material into the mold during the material solidification stage before the gate completely solidifies.
  3. For continuous production, the plastic material pellets should be filled into the injection tube when the piston reaches half of its whole stroke.
  4. The injection force required may depends on part geometry, size, plastic material, melt and mold temperature. Higher mold temperature may decrease the injection force, but may extend the material cooling time in the mold.


  • One year standard warranty with life-time support; contact for details.
  • Damage due to improper storage condition or maintenance is not covered by warranty
  • Longer time warranty available upon request
  • Client reference available upon request

Additional Notes

  1. The delivery time is 5-10 business days for both 110V and 220V machines
  2. Free shipping for clients from US and Canada
  3. Accept custom design if there are any special requirements for your application
  4. Custom mold available upon request at additional cost
  5. Custom mold available upon request at additional cost
  6. Upgraded bar linkage mechanism for pressing handle

The bar linkage mechanism for pressing handle has been upgraded following feedback from our clients as shown in the following picture. The original bar will not supplied any linkage mechanism for injection molding

Advantage of the upgraded curved handle:
1) With this design, when the handle is push down to lower position, bigger force can be applied on the piston. The force is important for packing stage of injection molding process. More material need to be packed into the cavity during solidification stage to compensate for material shrinkage. 
2) An extension bar can be connected easily to apply bigger injection force; the original handle does not have this feature. 
3) In some applications especially for big parts, mold needs to be heated and more material need to be pushed into the cavity while the mold is still hot, a heavy stuff can be hang on the handle to apply a constant packing pressure on the melt material during the packing and cooling stage. This can only be achieved with the curved design.

Difference Between MIM-100 and MIM-200

The main difference between MIM-100 and MIM-200 is on the maximum dosage of the machine. The maximum dosage refers to volume of heating barrel of the injection molding machine physically. The maximum dosage of the MIM-200 is 16ml, while that of the MIM-100 is 12 ml. The diameter of the injection piston of the MIM-200 is 20mm, while the diameter of the injection piston of the MIM-100 is 16mm. Operation of the MIM-100 is easier than that of MIM-200 because the resistance from the material during the injection molding process when using MIM-100 is smaller than when using MIM-200. If the machine is mainly used for big parts, MIM-200 is a good option. For smaller parts and easier operation, MIM-100 is a quite good option.

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