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Mini Dual-shaft Vacuum Mixer DSVM-100

Mini Dual-shaft Vacuum Mixer DSVM-100


General Description    

    The DSVM-100 is a mini dual-shaft vacuum mixer. Helical ribbon mixing blades driven by planetary gears creates uniform mixture with minimum gas bubbles. The mixing speed can be programmed from 0~600 rpm. Built-in vacuum pump can vacuum the mixing container to -0.08MPa to remove gas bubble generated during mixing process. The DSVM-100 is manufactured according to UL and CSA standard. 

    The DSVM-100 is a high-quality mixing tool for preparing battery electrode paste and various ceramic materials requiring a vacuum atmosphere. It can be put inside a glovebox with inert gas atmosphere, such as Ar or N2.

Technical Specifications
  Dual-shaft vacuum mixer


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